Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Bowl?

Ever since the contestants in the super bowl have been decided, I have purposefully avoided all sports shows. Thats sportscenter, PTI, Around the Horn, etc. All shows that I pretty much watch regularly. (Although I still read CNNsi, just avoid all Super Bowl related articles.) One article I did not avoid was one about how the two weeks before the super bowl are the most obnoxious. How true it is.

These past two weeks (week and 4 days) have been great. Sometimes I forget the big game is even coming up. Just the other night I picked up a trip over that day, so I won't even get to see it. I don't think I really care. I mean, I want the Steelers to win, but not being subjecting to the media DIGGING for any sub-story they can find, well, its quite nice.

Bring on Baseball.


Friday, January 16, 2009

The Premonition

Kristy sees things...

...she sees whether her day will be good or bad.

As we sat there on the jumpseat, she told me of a day a few months ago. It started with a button popping off her work shirt. She knew she was in for it.

The day ended with the aircraft engine catching fire right after takeoff. And yes, there were things in between.

We ended our day in Sacramento. She hadn't said anything about this day being good or bad, but the stretch limo that awaited us to take us back to the hotel says that maybe she saw it all after all.

The next morning we stood in the hotel awaiting our shuttle back to the airport, when Kristy mentions that she feels great today. Today will be a good day. I like the sound of that! Just then a large coach-looking-ish bus pulls under the overhang. I look at everyone and say "hey guys! our ride is here!" Completely kidding of course. Though next thing I know were all piling into this bus. It's got beautiful leather seating, dimmed mood lighting, large flat screen tv, ice for drinks, and lets not forget the stripper pole in the middle. NICE. (Never in 4 years have I had anything but a van or car pick us up. NEVER. )

We get onto the plane and start our security checks, when the ops agent tells us to call Scheduling. Apparently theres been a change. They tell me our LAX to OAK flight has been cancelled, so when we get to LAX we need to head over and deadhead* to OAK, then pick up our original OAK to MDW flight.

*DEADHEADING: Or what we call snoozing for dollars. It's just flying as a passenger for positioning purposes.

So we land in LAX, clean the aircraft for the next crew, and head straight over to the gate we are supposed to. The agent takes our passes to get our boarding passes, her eyes get big, and she tells us that scheduling hasn't made our reservations and the plane to OAK is pushing 5 early. She picks up the phone to call the ops agent to hold the plane, and right as she picks up the phone, the plane pushes. Oops. Then she looks at the computer and says "oh, now your reservations is here!" You see, had our reservation shown up, they would have known we were coming and would have held it.

So I call scheduling and tell them what happened. They aren't amused. We're now going to miss our connection in OAK. After a few minutes, they tell us we are going to take the NEXT flight to OAK, sit in the front, and RUN to our gate. "We'll have to delay the plane a bit, so HURRY!" Got it.

10 minutes later, they call back. "So we noticed that in OAK you're going to have to switch terminals, so yeah, thats not going to work. Just deadhead on the next flight back to MDW."

So essentially we worked 1 leg and then just slept back home. And still got paid for all that we SHOULD have done.

Oh no, it's not done yet.

We arrive in MDW, and Kristy and I go directly to the tv monitors to check on our commuting flights back home. She commutes to nashville, me to denver. BOTH are showing "BOARDING". We walked straight to our gates and hopped on. No waiting, no nothing.

Too easy. Too creepy.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park SNOWjourn!

So my birthday was rather uneventful. I had of my friends from Louisiana, Jerry and April (now Baltimore and Dallas) in town visiting and they wanted to get one more day of skiing in. So they went skiing the afternoon and evening of my birthday.


We had planned, well, I had planned an epic snowshoeing trip up to my absolute favorite place to be in the winter time, Rocky Mountain National Park, the next day. THAT was to be my birthday extravaganza. AND it was! I'm currently attempting to upload a slideshow video to youtube for you all to see, but its taking forever. (Its finished, so I embedded it at the end!!!) So you'll have to settle for normal pics without fun music. Here are a couple of teasers to entice you. And note, most of the photos with large open spaces are actually frozen lakes.

BONUS!: And especially for you guys I made another video detailing the comparison of summer and winter in Rocky Mountain National Park; featuring my own photos!!! ENJOY! (Its at the very bottom. Don't miss it!)

And heres my video!

Happy 28th To Me!