Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park SNOWjourn!

So my birthday was rather uneventful. I had of my friends from Louisiana, Jerry and April (now Baltimore and Dallas) in town visiting and they wanted to get one more day of skiing in. So they went skiing the afternoon and evening of my birthday.


We had planned, well, I had planned an epic snowshoeing trip up to my absolute favorite place to be in the winter time, Rocky Mountain National Park, the next day. THAT was to be my birthday extravaganza. AND it was! I'm currently attempting to upload a slideshow video to youtube for you all to see, but its taking forever. (Its finished, so I embedded it at the end!!!) So you'll have to settle for normal pics without fun music. Here are a couple of teasers to entice you. And note, most of the photos with large open spaces are actually frozen lakes.

BONUS!: And especially for you guys I made another video detailing the comparison of summer and winter in Rocky Mountain National Park; featuring my own photos!!! ENJOY! (Its at the very bottom. Don't miss it!)

And heres my video!

Happy 28th To Me!

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Brown Sugar said...

cool video...i want to hike at Rocky Mountain National Park too...i've only been there once...i forget what all we did.