Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've been a skiing slacker this year. Too often I've awoken in my bed, with plans to hit the slopes, but with an overwhelming urge to poke around the house all morning. Sunday night we had a Mardi Gras party, and after speaking to a lot of my ski bum friends, I'm not the only one. Even the most hardcore of us having only been up 3 or 4 times. This has been an unusual winter, as its currently February 24th, and the high today is 65.

That being said, at that same party, I met up with a friend of mine who is currently unemployed. The first thing out of my mouth was "wanna go skiing tomorrow?"

So we did.

It was the best "snow" conditions I've had in a long time. Nice and powdery. We went to A-Basin, where there were almost no crowds, and TONS of completely untouched powder. It also snowed, and being that the peak is at 13,000 ft, sometimes you are in the clouds. And you can't see...ANYTHING.

On the back edge theres the Monezuma Bowl, and we hiked up to an experts only run. Once we got up, it looked like an abyss. If you've never skiid in fog before, basically you look into the fog, then down at the snow, and its almost the same. You have no idea what your about to ski across. Visibility is about 10 feet. It turns your world upside down. You'll be skiing across the mountain, to your left, going very slowly, and next thing you know you fall down and your sliding down the mountain in the OPPOSITE direction you thought you were going. Its crazy. Its skiing in bizzaro world. At one point I looked up to see Luanne practically on top of a dry patch, and she yelled "how on earth did I get over here???." It'd almost be better off just to close your eyes and use your other senses, because your eyes keep decieving you.

Heres a pic I found online of basically what it looks like:

Anyway, we had a good time, and Luanne let me drive her decked out Subaru B9 Tribeca there and back..in the snow. Sweet ride.


Saturday, February 21, 2009


I just played the final level of zelda: The adventures of Link, for Tami. See, she'd never seen it. "Oldschool" to her is Nintendo 64. She loved Zelda on the 64. So I wanted her to experience the original.

After I defeated Gannon, she said "eh, I like the realism on the 64 better."

Stupid kids.

Trouble in Paradise.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Why do we need to know?

Alex Rodriguez.

I salute him for admitting he made a mistake. In life, with my friends, with my parents, with my favorite athletes, with my President, all I ask for is honesty.

I don't understand why we need details..and by WE, I mean the general public. WHY do we need to know what he took? (Most of us wouldn't know what it was anyway) WHY do we need to know how often he took it? WHY do we need to know where he got it (some of us would like some, perhaps?? i dunno). These things are only significant to MLB and whatever invisigation is ensuing.

So many questions swirling around that personally I DON'T CARE about. People need to quit being nosy with stuff that is insignificant to them and their lives. YES, i'm a baseball fan but as a fan I feel like I know what I need to know...I mean sure there's still speculation whether he still takes it or not, which a very valid question that DEFINITELY CONCERNS THE PUBLIC, but as for these others?? PLEASE.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday, February 09, 2009

It's HUGE!

I got this last year for christmas. We sat down this evening and finally put it together.

World's Largest Crossword puzzle! It's really a task just to find the corresponding number on that thing.