Friday, February 13, 2009

Why do we need to know?

Alex Rodriguez.

I salute him for admitting he made a mistake. In life, with my friends, with my parents, with my favorite athletes, with my President, all I ask for is honesty.

I don't understand why we need details..and by WE, I mean the general public. WHY do we need to know what he took? (Most of us wouldn't know what it was anyway) WHY do we need to know how often he took it? WHY do we need to know where he got it (some of us would like some, perhaps?? i dunno). These things are only significant to MLB and whatever invisigation is ensuing.

So many questions swirling around that personally I DON'T CARE about. People need to quit being nosy with stuff that is insignificant to them and their lives. YES, i'm a baseball fan but as a fan I feel like I know what I need to know...I mean sure there's still speculation whether he still takes it or not, which a very valid question that DEFINITELY CONCERNS THE PUBLIC, but as for these others?? PLEASE.


BSC said...

i think it has a lot to do with A-Rod being the "clean guy." To be making as much money as he does, in NYC of all places, of course people are going to want details. But in all honesty, most people wouldn't give a damn if he had been able to come through in October.

Now we're left to wonder who the "clean" guys are in baseball. After going through Giambi, A-Roid, Tejada and friends, maybe Lance Berkman is baseball's best hitter to not be roided up. Maybe. I think now baseball fans have to question anyone who hit over 20 homers in the last few years.

The Juice said...

right. ok, he's guilty. but what I want to know is why do we all care whether he shot up, popped pills, or took cream??? isn't it all the same to us?