Monday, March 02, 2009

First Couchsurfer!!

Ok so many of you may not know of a website called Its basically a place where you can network with people around the world and sleep on each others couches, for free, during your travels.

In fact Tami and I plan to do some of this while we visit Morocco (T-minus 5 days).

ANYWAYS, I also have my couch here in Golden available to "sane" folks who need a place to crash.

So just the other night Tami Justin and I were in Boulder when i got a couchsurfing email on my phone. It was a desperate plea from a guy named Lucas, visiting from Brazil, and he didn't have any place to sleep. So I took a chance and called him up (he left his phone number in his message) and he met up with us.

Long story short, he was great. He's from an city on the coast of Brazil called Florianopolis. We brought him home, we chatted for about 2 hours (he speaks very good English, though it was hilarious when he wanted to know how to differentiate the words "Beaches" and "B*tches"), he showed us pictures of his homeland, then he crashed on our futon. We took him back to Boulder in the morning. Here is our picture:

In other news, tonight Tami and I are going to the concert of my favorite band: Jimmy Eat World!! Its their 10 year anniversary of their first hit album, Clarity. (Though not my favorite.) Just for kicks here is my favorite song off that cd,(Lucky Denver Mint) and the song that got me hooked on them, Sweetness. (sorry, won't let me embed that one.)

Lucky Denver Mint



Tamara said...

Couchsurfer, Jimmy Eat World, and Morocco...that was everything I was just going to mention in my blog. I think I'll be lazy and just link to yours. :P

jch said...

it's rare that i literally LOL at things i read or see on the computer but this made me literally LOL: 'I thought it was hilarious when he wanted to know how to differentiate the words "Beaches" and "B*tches"'