Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pics are up!

ok so I put the Morocco Pics online for those of you who care.

Morocco Part 1 (Marrakesh, Desert)

Morocco Part 2 (Fes, Meknes, Kinitra, Rabat)


Tamara said...

It's too bad Morocco is half a world away. These pictures make me happy. :)

Ronni said...

Seriously, I want to go back again! Or at least share some of my pics with y'all and talk all about it. What did you buy in the market? I bought a lot. I still have a tea kettle and those tea glasses, though I've never used them. Oh - but I bought some sandals that I still wear a lot!

Tamara said...

I bought a beautiful winter headscarf and a hamsa bracelet for myself. Jeremy got a rug and a teapot/teaglasses set. I bet you have amazing pictures...it's hard not to take them there. :)

Katie said...

Those pictures are awesome! They reminded me a lot of Egypt! If you ever want to go back, I'll totally go with you!