Monday, April 27, 2009

Santa Fe Road Trip

Friday Night Tami and I took a road trip out to Santa Fe, NM. We've been talking about going there for almost a year, and we both had the weekend off, so off we went. 6 hour drive with plans to camp the first night, but all the sites were taken, and at 1am we decided just to sleep in the car. It did not fare all that well. :) and NO, I cannot get this underline thing to turn off. See not it just does it on its own. I dunno.

Here are just a few photos from our trip. 'Tis a beautiful city.

And I awoke this morning to find this. WHAT THE HECK?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Lovely Girlfriend

Tami's bed recently was stolen. You see, shes moving this weekend, the bed she was in wasn't hers, the owner came to reclaim it, which left her without a bed for the next few nights. So she stayed in mine.

I was out of town. Geez.

ANYWAYS, I get back home from work just this morning, walk into my room and what do I find?

A note saying that she prepared and left me lunch in the fridge.

I go to the fridge, open the door, and find another note.

"Apple and Nut Salad.

-Apples in Lime
-Chopped Walnuts
-Balsamic" (my fav!)

So Nice.

Also, I bought a carpet while I was in Morocco, and I finally got around to taking a pic of it in our living room. I fits perfect!


Monday, April 20, 2009

The Problem with America

Not like you don't know.

So big government versus little government. Right to bear arms, or no? Stimulus package, or no? Abortion? taxes? Gay Marriage?

Unfortunately, its rare that there are any cut and dry issues.

-No matter how many times you say "Guns don't kill people, people kill people", in the end its crazy people WITH guns.

-Opposed to the stimulus package? Then I expect when you get this money that you give it straight to charity.

-Opposed to abortion? Are you then opposing private property?

But none of this is the point. Its that nobody is trust worthy anymore. It's already been proven that you can't put control with the people. You angry at AIG execs? This is the byproduct of small government with untrustworthy people.

And I guess we're going to find out that you can't trust the government either.

I'm not saying I have the answers, just some things I've been pondering recently.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Movie Business and GOLF!

It seems every time a highly hyped movie comes out, it seems to be the "biggest opening in history." I always wondered how this was all possible, but this question was just fleeting. I never really stopped to think about it. Well recently I did think about it, and it was then I realized that they judge this by the amount of MONEY it takes in.

HOW does this make ANY sense when movie ticket prices go up, it seems, EVERY WEEK!!?? Shouldn't we just judge this by tickets told??

And you should read this. Warning: Not everyone will be happy or agree. But I like it. :)