Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Movie Business and GOLF!

It seems every time a highly hyped movie comes out, it seems to be the "biggest opening in history." I always wondered how this was all possible, but this question was just fleeting. I never really stopped to think about it. Well recently I did think about it, and it was then I realized that they judge this by the amount of MONEY it takes in.

HOW does this make ANY sense when movie ticket prices go up, it seems, EVERY WEEK!!?? Shouldn't we just judge this by tickets told??

And you should read this. Warning: Not everyone will be happy or agree. But I like it. :)



me said...

Well, it all depends on how you look at it. "biggest opening in history" leaves a lot of room to play with. biggest 3-day weekend? biggest friday opening? what about movies that open on Wednesday - this could be a 5 day "weekend" opening.

also - you have to take into account how many screens a particular film is being shown on. biggest opening could mean the largest number of screens being shown on, or the greatest amount of money made per screen. If a small film opens on only 12 screens (in LA and NY), and at more expensive theaters that attract more sophisticated and wealthy clientele, this could also be considered a "biggest opening in history" because it made the most per screen.

pretty much, the entertainment biz just wants to make everything seem super exciting, because then people will be more likely to spend money seeing it, thinking that their lives will be less meaningful if they don't see it.

bleh - sometimes I think I've been here too long... :)

Tamara said...

Yep, there are a lot of stats one could use to define "biggest opening." And, yep, it's a lot of markting hype.

As for the article, I hate golf to begin with so I can't objectively comment. :P

The Future said...

I like to play golf- not sure why this guy has so much hate. Guess he wouldn't have an article if it was positive.

Anyway, there are tons of sporting options, if people like golf, I say let em. And while I like to play once or twice a year, it is WAY down on my list of favorite sports, so you know I'm not biased or anything.

I'd say my list is as follows:

Ultimate Frisbee
Frisbee Golf

So golf makes the top 10, unless you count bocce ball or something!

The Future said...

Another reason to not golf:

Although, to his credit, without golf we wouldn't have had an awesome movie like Caddyshack.