Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Lovely Girlfriend

Tami's bed recently was stolen. You see, shes moving this weekend, the bed she was in wasn't hers, the owner came to reclaim it, which left her without a bed for the next few nights. So she stayed in mine.

I was out of town. Geez.

ANYWAYS, I get back home from work just this morning, walk into my room and what do I find?

A note saying that she prepared and left me lunch in the fridge.

I go to the fridge, open the door, and find another note.

"Apple and Nut Salad.

-Apples in Lime
-Chopped Walnuts
-Balsamic" (my fav!)

So Nice.

Also, I bought a carpet while I was in Morocco, and I finally got around to taking a pic of it in our living room. I fits perfect!


1 comment:

The Future said...

Awesome rug! It looks really cool.

And awesome girlfriend!