Monday, April 27, 2009

Santa Fe Road Trip

Friday Night Tami and I took a road trip out to Santa Fe, NM. We've been talking about going there for almost a year, and we both had the weekend off, so off we went. 6 hour drive with plans to camp the first night, but all the sites were taken, and at 1am we decided just to sleep in the car. It did not fare all that well. :) and NO, I cannot get this underline thing to turn off. See not it just does it on its own. I dunno.

Here are just a few photos from our trip. 'Tis a beautiful city.

And I awoke this morning to find this. WHAT THE HECK?


Tamara said...

Santa Fe was need to post a pic of your buffalo artwork you recently acquired! ;)

You're right, after all the sun and fun in Santa Fe, "What the heck?!" was my response when I looked out the window this morning too! (Followed quickly by, "I hope I can find my boots...I was not prepared for this!") It was coming down big-time in Golden at 6am.

laura g said...

the sweatshirt that never dies...