Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Today I wandered to downtown Golden to grab some lunch and drop by the bike shop. On my return trip I passed by the blood mobile. I have, since a small child, and like LOTS of other people, have a completely rational fear of needles. I've never given blood.

This time I decided to man up. So I stopped, joined the small group of people relaxing under a tent, and signed up.

Why the change of heart? Well I blood drawn back in the fall for a cholesterol check, and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. So here I am, all signed up. My name was called, and I headed in the bus, where I was immediately informed of the finger prick they had to do, to make sure my blood was ok.

In my head, this is actually worse! But with no way of backing out without getting called names, I manned up and got my finger pricked.

Again, not nearly as bad as I remembered it.

So next thing I know I'm laying on the table. Whenever I get nervous, I get very chatty. So here I am chatting up everyone. Then a girl from a previous session comes in, for she is still feeling nauseous and weak. So I start talking to her. She was in a while back, and still not feeling well, and looked as if she might puke.

I shrugged it off, and in the needle went. Ok, not so bad. The nurse asked how I felt, and I knew I wasn't quite right, but then I wasn't sure how I was supposed to feel. I told her I was feeling kind of sleepy and maybe just a little hint of nausea. I'm just trying to be honest, after all.

Next thing I know shes fiddling with the needle, and then takes it out.

I immediately felt like a complete waste of these people's time. I just wanted to help, and I was just being honest, and she bailed on the whole thing. I then asked if not getting enough sleep might have something to do with it, and she said "definitely." I had only 4 hrs that previous night. No breakfast either, but a good lunch.

So here I am, armed bandaged up, having made absolutely no contribution to humanity.



Tamara said...

I've only tried to give blood once and it was unsuccessful, too. (It's the thought that counts; I'm still proud of you!) ;)

The Future said...

yeah, man! You've officially tried longer than I have.

No one can take my blood! :)

Brown Sugar said...

Dude....I've donated two gallons already...but i haven't been back since last year. But I get a call every week from the blood center wanting me to schedule another appointment. I need to go again.