Friday, December 11, 2009

Climate Change

Rockies are ready to resign Torrealba. Hooray! (hopefully. back off, giants!!)

Recently when I turn on the news I see reports about climate change, false emails, and angry conservatives.

Ok people heres the thing: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if the world is getting hotter, polar bears are dying, ice bergs melting (though you should definitely get to places like Glacier National Park before they are all gone.) Why doesn't it matter? Because all the things that combat global warming are good. Walking, driving your car less? good. Using renewable resources? also good. Theres no if ands or buts about it.

I guess the other issue is whether we should be forced to do these things. Well let me suggest that we'll never do it until we're forced. NEVER. By the rules of capitalism, large businesses are inherently self serving. Sure they donate to charities, but thats all just for good PR, and always within reason. Something this big has to come by necessity; either by government force, or a world suffocated by stifling heat. And let me make this clear: greenhouse gases in the air are bad. bad. Been to L.A. recently? Might as well be a smoker.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


So that long hiatus was completely on purpose. That Rockies game was so awesome I thought it deserved to stay up...for multiple months.

And what better way to get back on track than to say something controversial!

Tami and I have been spending our down time watching curb your enthusiasm. I love it because its like improv Seinfeld. In this certain episode we were watching its Christmas time, and the main character, Larry (David, creator of Seinfeld) is shunning all the christmassy stuff because, well, he's Jewish. His wife is Christian, and as they go along with their celebrations he stays out of the way, but is occasionally perturbed, notably for the caroling.

But this got me to thinking. How is it that Jewish folks, those who outright deny the existence of Jesus, are treated more fairly by the religious right than, say, gays, many of whom believe in all things Christian but just struggle within the system. Why? Gays seem to be treated more with the label of "outcast" or "unclean".

And no I'm not here to be a big gay rights activist, I just like to point out the inconsistencies. Maybe I'm just more comfortable with these issues than many because with work I have so many gay friends.

I dunno, just a thought.